5 Fantastic Eats and Where to Find Them – The Best Wine and Food

“Food is for the heart and wine is for the soul” is a saying that every foodie around the world will relate to. The cuisine offerings from around the world is an absolute delight, especially when they are coupled with the best of wines. While an individual’s palate is sensitive to what they favour, there are some who wish to explore and extend their tastebuds to welcome more.

Holiday and Tasting in Brazil

Book a holiday to Brazil and leave with more than just a happy belly. The food from Rio, Salvador and Paraty is an absolute delight. The seafood and wine pairing of the street markets at Brazilian cities and the brilliant barbecue lunches are a favourite of wine and food lovers. Extend your stay and you can even enjoy a cook fest of the traditional Bahian cuisine and wash it down with some cocktails. The cocktails are especially unique as they combine wines and spirits with tropical flavours to tingle the tastebuds and pair with the food.

Under the Tuscan Sun

Tuscany is a gorgeous place to be enjoyed right from the countryside and amid vineyards. The food and wine tours around Tuscany are a ravishing fest. Couple it with some cookery classes and you’ve got yourself an amazing custom wine and dine experience. The wines of the region are one for the collector. The food markets in Florence and Trattoria are a perfect accompaniment for a complete feast.

Nothing to Beat the Italians

The Italians are arrogant about their food and for good measure. The passion and effort they put into their food is infectious. An experience for the passionate foodie. From start to finish expecting to be filled, not with pasta from a box, but fresh pasta. When paired with the right wines, the pasta flavours come alive and dance in the mouth. The cheese and meat producers in Italy will give you an inside look at the reason for pairing certain wines with the right cheese and cold cuts. An interesting look into the flavours you will achieve when you combine drink and food, awaits.

Napa Valley Winery

There is more to California than meets the eye. While the beaches and food are a promise; there are also wines from Napa Valley to look forward to. However, Napa has more to offer than just the wines. Some of the best restaurants in the world are here. These guys take food and wine seriously as far as extending it to Conferences at the Culinary Institute of America. Many of the best chefs, writers and critics come from the school and you can be a part of the experience as well. San Francisco in California has gorgeous markets and craft breweries that will entice you as well.

Copenhagen Food Festivals

Some of the best food festivals in the world that you can attend is the Mad Food Festival in Copenhagen. The festival was introduced by one of the legends in the chef world – Rene Redzepi. The festival is a beautiful collaboration of food and wine. Finding tickets for the festival is a huge deal. Keep a watch for the festival during the month of August. The food and wine will be top notch to impress the throngs of critics who would visit the venue.