7 Least Known Facts About Wine

Almost every country in the world makes wines. People who are avid wine drinkers, enjoy the process of producing wine as well as the interesting facts that involve the wine that they are currently savouring. Some have even attempted to take up the elaborate process of making wine themselves. However, there are some facts about wine that even the seasoned wine tasters don’t know. A look into these facts is an eye-opener and an interesting piece of knowledge for anyone to enjoy their wine better.


Winemaking is primarily known to be a very elaborate process that sounds and seems very complicated to many people. The truth, however, is that even if you take out the juice of any grapes that you have handy and leave it in a warm container for a while, it will self-ferment and become wine. This is without any external stimulation as well. The wine might not be the greatest, but it is wine for sure. This confirms that wine was probably the first alcoholic beverage ever invented.

Used in Beer Making

Since all the evidence points to wine being the first alcoholic beverage, chances are that the yeast from the grapes was what was used to make beer at first. There are many theories that beer is probably the first beverage made and some believe that wine was made first. However, from the evidence gathered and accumulated, the grapes won over.

Diseases Prevented

The biggest health benefit that was propagated about drinking wine was that it did not carry diseases. The propagation contained the message that even water could be contaminated and you would not know it; however, if wine was contaminated, you could identify it easily. People who were worried about contacting water borne diseases could drink wine and stay safe.

Brought Down the Roman Empire

The theory floating about the historical relics is that wine was the reason the Roman empire died. Everyone who studied history and watched historical movies know that the Romans loved wine. Historians believe that the wine was boiled during its preparation process in lead pots. This leads to gradual poisoning of people and the slow death.

Better Than Disneyland

A recent survey shows that the number of wine tours that people take overtakes the number of people who want to go to Disneyland. According to an estimate in California alone, over 14 million people attended wine tours. The popularity of wine tours continues to grow and mature with more wineries cropping up.

The Purpose of The Wine Cork

The cork that is used in the wine bottle, is not for smelling the wine as many people believe. The real reason and why the sommelier pass you the cork, is not to smell it, but to check if it is in one piece. A cork that is damaged by mould or is broken means the wine you are about to consume is not the best quality.

Global Warming

If there is one thing that wine drinkers must be cautious about, it is Global Warming. Saving the planet not just for tomorrow but even for the wine that we have. The climate plays a very important role in winemaking, and you can only imagine the effects of global warming on it.