Experiencing Wines and Georgian Wine Country – Wine Adventures

Every country has its fork and flavor to offer food enthusiasts around the world. While pizza lovers head to Naples for the original taste of the Margarita Pizza and Whiskey lovers scale the highlands to try scotch, the wine lovers travel to Georgia for the best wines in the world. The grapes that constitute the wines here have unique names like Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane or Saperavi. The unique features about Georgian wines are the beeswax lined vessels made of clay that the wines are built in. The beautiful color and taste of the wines are enhanced by the clay vessels and is unique to Georgian Country.

The best wine region in Georgia is the Kakheti with a whopping 4,300 square miles of vineyards. The Georgian country has much to offer the history and food lover in visitors. The monasteries, ancient relics, exquisite cuisines, and sprawling wineries provide so much more than just a regular tour. Visitors can choose to have a whole week of wine tasting or a quick wine tour around Kakheti or Tbilisi. You can get to Kakheti by driving down from Tbilisi for two hours. The well-presented drive down the Gombori Pass is a beautiful adventure, by itself. For those who do not wish to dare to journey down the Pass, tour operators offer tours to and around the place. Tour operators have exclusive access to private wine tasting events and feasts that are unique to Georgian Country.

The Kakheti Wine Guide

Various white varieties of wines made from the Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane grapes are the best to try. The class and charm of the wines from the vines are unique to the country. The Rkatsiteli is perfect for bringing out the acidity in wines and is a thick-skinned grape. The Mtsvane is silky and with golden hues, perfect for sweet overtones. In winemaking, the two grapes combined bring out the ideal taste.

If you can find wines made from the Kisi variety, don’t pass on the opportunity to pick up a few bottles. This variety is one of the few types available in the region and produced in small amounts only. The unique feature of the Kisi is the floral undertones. Every winery in Kakheti produces the Saperavi. This produces dark-colored wine. For those who are not familiar with the Saperavi, the grapes are unique because of the same deep red that both the skin and the pulp that is consisted of. The Shavkapito and the Tavkveri are both great grapes for wines, produced in the region.

The Kakheti Wine and Food Pairing

The best food that pairs with the wines from Kakheti are pork. Head over to Nikala for some fantastic pork grilled over grapevines till they are crispy and dripping. This unique roasted pork is called Mtsvadi and is a specialty in the region. There are a few restaurants in the area that serve the specialty food pairing.  Seafood, cheese, and gorgeous views await the food lover who wants to refuel while at Georgia. If you are adventurous with food, you must try the lamb stuffed with grape leaves which are served with a side of Georgian Yogurt. Some other foods to try are bladdernut flowers and Ceasar’s mushrooms, for the perfect Georgian Country flavors.