Pairing Your Favourite Wines with The Right Food

Combining wine with the right cuisines, can create a burst of flavour. Each flavour and aroma, when combined correctly, can make every cuisine enjoyable. There is no ‘one size fits all’ option when it comes to pairing wine and food. The flavours unique to each cuisine are highlighted and accentuated with the right wine. The pairing of food and wine can be art. However, it does not have to be difficult to understand.

Indian Cuisine Lovers

Indians love their spice with almost everything, even with wines. The best-known wine pairings to be combined with Indian foods are popular dishes like lamb vindaloo, chicken curry and for the vegetarians, vegetable jalfrezi, but as always there is a key to getting the perfect vintage and spice taste. The wine and curry should blend perfectly to enhance your experience.  For tomato based spicy Indian curries, choose a red or a rose wine. For creamy Indian curries choose a nice deep coloured rose wine. To make it even more simple for a mild spicy dish choose a dry wine.  Medium spiced dish is perfect with a slightly off-dry wine. For those who can brave the super spicy dishes, a sweet wine is great.

Italian Kitchen Enthusiasts

The one thing that sticks out about the Italian cuisine is that it is so easy to make and is great for any occasion. The Italian cuisine and its varied offerings of pasta, pizzas and cold cut meats are great with nice wine selections. For light Italian cuisines, choose easy wines that carry a lovely aroma, like a Riesling. Meats and fruits go with Chardonnays and Fiano wines. Pizzas are the world wide favourite Italian speciality and pairs beautifully with a medium wine like a savoury Merlot or a Pinot Noir. The rich full-bodied wines like Shiraz or the Cabernet Merlot are good with a rich tomato and meat-based dish like a Bolognese.

Mexican Meal Adventurists

It might be tough to believe, but Mexicans are known for their legendary wines. They have used wines in their religious ceremonies made from agave and mezcal. The main to thing to remember about pairing wines with Mexican cuisine is that the choice of beverage you make solely depends on the spice of the food. The spicier the food you choose, make sure you choose a sweeter wine. Dishes such as Tacos and Tostadas are nicer with a dry rose. Enchiladas and the likes are good with Rose wines again, however you can thorough a Syrah into the mix. Love Quesadillas? Then the wine you should choose is something that is earthy, like a Tempranillo.

Chinese Cuisine Takers

It is very difficult to say which category and style of cooking Chinese come under. The complicated mixtures of ingredients and different styles of preparation makes it difficult to say for sure which wine will go and with what. Therefore, the best way to choose a wine for Chinese food is by the level of spice. Kung-pao chicken and other spicy Chinese foods are great with a sweet wine like a Riesling. Stir fries with soy sauce are great pairs with Pinot Noir. Foods that are filled with protein like the Peking duck is good with some Chardonnay. Lastly, fried Chinese foods are the best with sparkling wines.