The Australian Sparkling Wine Rises to Fame

Australia has always been known as one of the best countries that gave the world some of the best wines. The styles and flavors that the wine from Australia has been unparalleled. The best wines gracing the tables of the world for centuries has morphed and transformed beautifully. The beautiful styles of the wines from Australia have its characteristic flavor because of the kind of temperature that the subcontinent has. However, the one type of wine that has been very slow to catch on with the rest of the world is the sparkling wine of wine country.

The Story Behind the Fizz

The absence of demand could be one of the reasons why the sparkling wine has not taken off to the rest of the world. However, the number of people who prefer fizz is enormous in Australia and the 10th largest population in the world to be addicted to fizzy drinks is Australia. Some people wonder, if perhaps it’s the number of expert wine makers who don’t live in the country. This again can be opposed because many of the top wine makers studied in Europe and who are famous world wide, have returned to Australia to make it their home for business. This leaves only one problem.

The climate in Australia is warmer than a lot of other places that produce wine. Therefore, the lack of many cold months has been the main reason why sparkling wines have not taken off. This might sound odd as when other wines can thrive why not the sparkling variety? If you look closer, you will understand that the cold is more critical in sparkling wines than in red and white wines.

Therefore, many of the coldest states in Australia were identified as being the best for sparkling wine production and the vineyards have been moved accordingly. The fruit that has been developed in the newer vineyards are crisp and have exciting flavors that have not been unlocked before in wines. Places such as Adelaide, Tasmania, and Mornington Peninsula are some of the areas that sparkling wines are best made. The wines have not become so good that they are competing and winning global competitions. The last global wine championship gave Australia 9 Golds and 9 Silvers for their sparkling wines.

The Future for Australian Sparkling Wine

The sudden shoot to fame of the sparkling wines of Australia has challenged many countries to wonder if Australia holds potential in becoming the next big star. The commercial value of Australian sparkling wine is excellent. The market potential in the United Kingdom alone is over 1.5Billion pounds. So, while the price of champagne has been steadily rising all around the world, the promise to deliver affordable sparkling wines is making winemakers nervous. While the winemakers in Australia are diving in more in-depth into the possibilities of sparkling wines, and vintage sparkling wines are being cured, the potential is significant. Promise holds true that it’s not just the consumers who are going to be demanding some Australian Sparkling but the other wine producers too.