The History of Clinking Glasses of Wine Before Drinking It

Wine and alcohol have been bringing together people for centuries. The act of drinking wine together when meeting someone or just to pass the time dates to 10 million years ago, roughly. Every celebration is never complete without a glass of sparkling wine. Clinking the glass of champagne is a tradition that must be completed before declaring the start of the celebration. Most people never stop to wonder why we click glasses and raise a toast. In the Jewish custom, the glass is broken at a wedding to start the celebration of the wedding and the whole act is confusing to interpret.

While people say that the clinking of glasses or the breaking of the glass is an act of celebration, they are in only part correct. When speaking to bar tenders, the reasons they give for the traditions is different every time. The most popular answers have been that the act is to wish well by warding away evil spirits. The actual truth behind the act needs to be clarified.

The Theories Behind the Truth

While, the popular evil spirit driving theory is very popular, it is not the right answer. Yet, some even claim that the act is to make sure that the drinks mix from the opposite cup. If you are wondering why they would mix their drinks with their partner, the answer is simple. If you look at the era when we have kings ruling the world, the act would make sense if you think about poisoning.

However, for this story to be right, the cup of wine would have to be full if it must make it across its lip to the opposite cup. Therefore, while this theory makes perfect sense, it might not be the right answer. Another explanation for the clicking of the glasses is closely related to the poisoning theory. The act, according to some, is meant to convey a promise that the cup is safe to drink from.

The Actual History Behind Toasting by Clinking Wine Glasses

Humans have always been community-oriented people. From time in memorial, humans have lived together in small clusters and joined others through marriage or through relationships. The story behind clinking wine glasses stem from there and is a very beautiful tradition. When wine was found by fermenting fruit under the ground, communities of people would get together and pour the wine into one large vessel for everyone to enjoy. The vessel or the cup was passed around the community to share the wine that was made. When communities got together with others they would do the same and the significance was considered to beliefs of sharing and togetherness.

Over time, the tradition evolved, and it was considered a disrespect to bring your own glass to the community dining event. Fashion took over after awhile and people started drinking from their own wine glasses. The clinking is a significance of bringing the wine together in a physical way to show that the wine is still from the same bottle and that the drinkers are sharing the same.