The Serving and Storing Different Types of Wines

The entire wine drinking experience is enhanced or disturbed with the way, the wine has been stored and served. Ardent wine drinkers respect their wines and perhaps even have a collection. Some people straight away drink the wine they drink and done save their wines. While, this is the best way you can drink wines, there are some classic and vintage ones that you might decide to save. This is when you will need to know how to store it. For those who open the wine, taste, drink and store the remaining, the right procedure will help the flavour.

Storing the Wine

Time has a lot of effects on how the wine tastes. If it is fresh from the winery, the wines are usually very sweet, and you must wait to drink it. After some time, the fruity taste of the wine will turn a little tannic. Always store wines on their side. Unlike how you see it in the supermarket standing up; wines that stand-up pushes flavours to the bottom. The humidity of the wine storing area should be about 70 degrees. However, it is not always possible to maintain the temperature of the wines. Therefore, if you save it on its side, you can still enjoy the wine for what it is.

Opening the Wine Bottle

The flavour of the wine will change if it has been handled too much before you open it. If the wine is still very young, then the changes are not so bad. However, if the wine is vintage, try not to handle and shake the bottle too much. Always make the wine bottle stand for a while from its lying position before you serve it. This makes sure that the sediments move to the bottom of the bottle. White wines are usually served very cold. Red wines are served very warm. This is the rule of thumb to remember before you open the wine bottle. When you uncork the bottle, make sure that you wipe around the mouth of the bottle, so that no pieces of cork land up in your glass.

Wine Breathing and Drinking

Once you open the wine bottle, you probably have heard about all the ways to pour and taste it. However, before you venture into those steps, you must get the wine breathe from its prison. Reds especially need to be left open for a bit before being poured. This will make sure all the flavours are released when oxygen meets the wine. Some people who drink expensive old wines, own a decanter. It is wonderful to pour the wine into a decanter to allow the wine to breathe for a few hours before you consume it. This is especially true when you drink red wines.

Saving the Left Overs

A great way to save wine after you have had a glass or two is in the refrigerator. While you can put a re-sealer on it and save, if you have a screw top, then use cling wrap and cover the opening tightly and screw the cap back on. Storing wine for more than 3 days is not recommended. If you have half a glass left, throw it away or drink it the first time you’ve opened it.